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Water Tank: over 2000 Gallon Capacity, approximately.
Price: $300 each or 500.00 for both

Can be used as intended water storage, with some repair

Can be converted to a Giant Meat Smoker. 

Can be converted to a shed: cut out doors.

Can be converted to a Chicken  house: cut out big holes, add chickens.

Can be converted to a green lumber dryer: paint black,  
     cut out doors, insert green lumber
& sticker,and let the sun do the rest.

Division of National Steel Corporation Water Tanks -- gavanized metal. I have two water tanks. Each is $300.00 or both for $500.00. They were used together in a tandem operation. I have no idea how much water they hold, but I roughly estimate over 2000 gallons. Bottoms need to be replaced. Sides and top are in good condition. Sides have no holes that I could see, except for the bottom two inches. Some minor dents from moving them. Were moved 100 feet from it's original location. Both still have the water tank float balls. The vertical height is 8.5 feet. Then add about 1.5 feet to the top tip of the center cone for an approximate total height of 10 feet; I may be off by a couple of inches only. The chimney looking cover comes off. The diameter is 7.5 feet. All the pipe connections are in tact. One tank has a top and bottom pipe connection, and the other one with float activated switch has both of them at the bottom -- both were used in a tandem operation. The bottom of each tank will need to be replaced, beginning from two inches at the bottom edge; in other words two inches of the vertical height at the bottom and the entire bottom diameter floor service. Another idea would be to use these tanks upside down; it wouldn't take much to seal the caps and reverse the floats if they were needed. One can easily cover the top (bottom) with any durable roof material. Of course a mount support would have to be built to support the Upside down version. One of the tank's floats was used to activate an on/off switch to an external well pump generator to fill it up, which then would drain to the second tank as the other tank's float would indicate the low level and activate an open valve, and so on.Buyer must pick up. Copperas Cove is 50 miles north of Austin. Pictures attached show the size juxtaposed against my pickup.

I purposely juxtaposed my truck with the tanks to give and idea of their relative size. As I thought more about them this morning, I figured out that one of the tank's floats was used to activate an external well pump generator to fill it up, which then would drain to the second tank as the that tank's float would indicate the low level, and so on. I also gave it some thought on replacing the bottoms, wouldn't be a monumental task. So, with further contemplation, I wouldn't be too disappointed if I don't sell them. I have 14 acres, and I've been told that digging a well wouldn't be that costly. There was a well close by where the tanks come from (about 100 feet) , but I don't own the area and it was converted to City Water.