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I live a couple of miles west of Copperas Cove on Hiway 190.

Two Manuals included. Currently covered with a heavy duty tarp used for covering army vechicles. 1939 fergenson ford 9n tractor w/bush hog. I had the carborator recently overhauled. Has almost new tires. I bought a new battery last year. Has to be charged. It is gas operated and was converted to a regular 12 volt system. Hasn't been started for a year. I paid $2,700 for it, but I'm asking $2300 as is. I don't have a trailer to haul it around in. I keep it covered with a heavy duty tarp. Important: I inadvertently left the hydrolic lift up when I parked it, which is not recommended; the hydrolics lift is supposed to be in the down postion when parked. I didn't do this and now the it doesn't lift. The mechanic who works on these old tractors told me to rinse the hydolic pump with diesel for about 20 minutes to fix it. I haven't done this. Anyone who has some solution to fixing this without having to replace the pump, let me know. Thanks